Ultimaker offers Cura 4.5 slicer

The Dutch company Ultimaker has released another update to the popular slicer Cura. Version 4.5 offers a number of new features and updates, as well as additional integration with the Ultimaker Marketplace.
Some innovations:

Sync with the Ultimaker Marketplace. Plugins and profiles with print settings downloaded from the Ultimaker Marketplace are now tied to individual user accounts. If after the login changes are registered in the installed software, the user is offered the option of synchronizing the list of available applications.

New profiles of 3D printers. Added support for a number of third-party 3D printers, including BeamUp S, Anet, Lotmaxx, eMotionTech Strateo, HMS434, 3D Tech, Skriware 2, Leapfrog Bolt, Makeblock mCreate and Voron2.

The slider with the layer counter in the preview mode is now located not on the left, but in the upper right part of the screen, next to the settings panel.

The project name is now displayed in the window title.

Bridges over low density filling. The new function allows you to identify places where the filling density is lower than established, that is, it shows the areas where the shell and walls should be perceived as bridges.

The distance from the skirt. The function allows you to set the gap between the skirt and the model, facilitating the removal of the skirt and reducing the likelihood of damage to the product.

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